Most folks never really consider what is really important to them rather they rather on society and their television to do all that thinking for them. For someone to be truly happy, they must understand what is important to them in their lives. Sometimes this takes some inter-reflection, the kind that might be uncomfortable at times, but if they fail to consider this introspective approach they will miss the boat. And that, could end up living a life on everyone else's terms, instead of their own.

So, why not ask yourself what is important to you. Perhaps, you can get a few right off the bat such as; Family, Security, Safety, Money, Health. Not long ago, I considered this and came up with a few items in about a 30-seconds; "Family, Country, Integrity, Character, Future, Performance, Perseverance, Winning, Units of Trade." Interestingly enough, this first step is not the only step of such an exercise; it is only the starting point. And it is not just about what makes you happy, it is also about what's really important to you, to every part of your being.

Some will definitely name things like; God, Health, Family, Money, and state this as fact. But if they really look at their lives, they do not follow their chosen God (s) words, and do not live their lives by those standards except they live in hypocrisy of it all. Then they say health, maybe because healthcare has been in the news lately, and yet they drink too much, smoke, eat crappy foods, and do not exercise when they know they should. And when it comes to family, they rarely partake in such activities.

When it comes to money, stability, and financial security, they do not save, they spend on plastic credit cards, abuse credit, and buy silly things, and find themselves enslaved to the very debt they're amassed, the opposite of caring about money. See that point.

So, step one is to ask yourself what is important to you. Step two is to act upon it. Please consider all this.