When it comes to writing articles there are many ways to go about things. First things first, you have got to realize that content is king and not only that, UNIQUE content is king.

In the battle for supremacy in the web ranking wars, 'unique content' and the 'pen' are going to be formidable weapons. No longer will it be simple enough for there to be great selling copy, a service people want and a well optimized web site. The amount of links pointing to your site and popularity of your pages are going to and do play a vital role in getting the most coveted positions in search engines.

We all know search engines love content, well more to the point they love unique content and they love NEW unique content, meaning they will come back to your site again and again and again. The more they come back and read your unique content the better you will show up in related search results. There are a number of ways to get unique content on your site.

1. Create a blog for your site. One of the best ways of getting quality, relevant information on your website. Give so much value to your visitors that they just keep coming back for more. But remember: keep posting at least every week.

2. Write valuable, unique content every week and add to your web pages say under a useful tips or news heading. Again, giving lots of value and build a resource for your potential customers to come to rely on as a great place for unique and valuable information

3. Use unique content writing services to generate lots of high quality pages for your blogs, content and articles.

4. Get a news or article feed installed on your site, preferably one you can tune to give you certain topics of articles.

By all means write articles to be posted out around the web to help promote and get links to your website. But once you have posted it, and your article starts spreading, that unique content is no longer unique. Post your unique articles on your site for about 2 weeks or so or until it has been indexed by the search engines, then post it to all the article directories you use, that way your site will be credited as the source of the article.